Flood Damage Restoration

When disaster strikes we wonder what to do and who to call.

When it comes to flood restoration from natural or home elements, mold removal, sewage extraction, restoration and flood clean up services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, look no further than Anew Kind Of Clean. With instantaneous response, prompt action, experience and a highly proficient staff, we are qualified to help recover and restore your property.

As professional restorers, our job is to minimize the damage by prompt and thorough action that will bring your contents and structure as close to preflooding condition as is humanly possible. With our ultra-modern techniques, it is possible to restore water damaged carpets, contents and structural materials to pre-flood appearance or better, because our professional restorers will leave the area freshly cleaned as well as dry.

Upon entering your home or business, we will use professional moisture detection equipment to evaluate and document the psychrometric conditions inside and outside the building and the moisture content of materials in affected and unaffected areas. We will evaluate and document the source and the time of the water intrusion, visible deterioration, pre-existing damage and microbial growth. We will establish drying goals for affected building materials and contents near the beginning of the restoration process.


When your property experiences water damage, fast action and quick timing are the most important factors to reduce or eliminate structural damage or mold growth.
After water damage occurs, the items that can be restored within the first 48 hours may not be restored if emergency response is delayed. That is why contacting the right water damage restoration company is vital for your property and belongings.

Anew has the experience and the know how, to quickly assist you in your time of need. We use the latest in drying technology and equipment to better serve our customers.

What I need to do about Flood Damage?

1. What are the first 3 things I need to do after the authorities let us back in?

- Call your insurance agent or carrier to file a claim and to review available coverage. If you need assistance, Anew will be happy to assist you.

- Try not to touch anything before damage is recorded on film, digital image or videotape.

- Call a licensed restoration specialist to help assess the damage. There should be no charge for this service. The more reputable companies will have the resources to start work immediately.

2. Is it safe to sleep in a house with smoke, sewage, or water damage?

Only if the damage is minor or confined to a small area. Otherwise, the answer is NO.

- Residual smoke and ash contain hazardous particles, such as carcinogens, that can lead to serious illness if inhaled. In commercial structures and older homes, smoke and ash may also contain asbestos particles.

- Standing water or raw sewage may contain dangerous pathogens and bacteria, both airborne and settled, which are extremely dangerous if inhaled.

3. Can I begin the clean up myself?

In the case of a burned structure with soot and ash present - the answer is NO.

If you or your employees do attempt to stem further damage from a water or sewage leak, you must wear PPE (personal protective equipment), including Suit, Mask, Gloves, Respirator, and Boots.

  • Water Restoration specialist remove water but also take the appropriate steps to rid bateria and disease.
  • Failing to properly cleanup a flooded area of your home/building can lead to mold growth and create potential health hazards.

Why is standing water or raw sewage dangerous?
Standing water or raw sewage may contain dangerous pathogens and bacteria, both airborne and settled, which are extremely dangerous if inhaled.

What Type of Water Do I Have as result of Flooding?

Water originating from a source that does not pose substantial risk to humans such as falling rainwater, sink overflow or broken domestic water supply line. Referred to a "clean water".
Water containing some degree of chemical, biological and/or physical contamination that may cause discomfort or sickness if exposed to or consumed. Referred to as "grey water".
Unsanitary water always containing a pathogenic agent occuring from human waste, greywater, sewer systems and stormwater. Referred to as "black water".

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