Disinfection Cleanup

Don't wait for an emergency plan ahead.

Resistant! That is used more today than ever before to describe viruses. Sadly, viruses are becoming more resistant to antibiotics and vaccines everyday. That is why today's standard of "if it looks clean to me, it's clean" is not acceptable.

There is good reason for going beyond "it looks clean to me", the CDC has reported that in the United States alone 98,000 patients die every year after contracting Hospital Acquired Infection. In 2009, 11,000 people died from H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic in the United States and as of July 2012 Whooping Cough has doubled from the year before with only 8.2% of adults obtaining the vaccine.

So then, a visual assessment can tell you what's on the surface, however a visual inspection cannot tell you if it has been disinfected. That is where Anew Kind of Clean can assist you. We offer discreet 24 Hour Emergency as well as scheduled Disinfection services.

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Cleaning Staff Inspection / Allergen Prepared Rooms / Veterinarian Facility Disinfection / Immune Deficient Prepared Homes


The spread of deadly infections is growing. Is your facility or equipment affected? We are your first line of defense.

Emergency | Medical | Care Facilities

Emergency Equipment, Doctors' Offices and Care Facilities see multiple patients each day. No doubt you have a plan to protect yourself from the spread of infection. But what about the next patient... Is the room or emergency vehicle disinfected? Is your waiting room with its play area for the child that is not sick?

Fitness Centers | Physical Therapy

Members at gyms demand the facilities be germ free. Showers, restrooms, fitness equipment, floors and break areas are the most common areas for exposure to viruses and bacteria. This is important to know because some viruses such as the common cold and flu can survive in some environments up to 3 days.

Transportation | Air & Land

Passengers of planes, buses, boats, shuttle or limo come from all parts of the country or world. They bring with them more than just their luggage. They bring viruses as well. What is your maintenance plan for regular disinfection? What is your plan for emergency disinfection?

School | Day Care | University

Day Cares, Schools or Universities need to respond quickly to outbreaks and illnesses. At the same time, they need to respond to the concerns of parents , faculty and students to keep the facilities and offices germ free. Students tend to have lower levels of hygiene leading to a greater risk of infection stemming from surfaces touched by multiple people.

Resorts | Motels | Hotels

Visitors to your establishment want a clean and disinfected room. They also want to feel that the amenities are safe as well. Here is where the issue arises: Housekeeping has just a short period to clean and disinfect the rooms. Are they relly cleaning, or cross contaminating the rooms?

Office | Workplace

Employees work in close confined spaces with one another. This interaction creates transmission of bacteria and viruses on surfaces and makes contact with other employees. This effects the overall efficiency and profit for companies. How much of a loss can you afford?

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