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Clandestine | Meth Lab Decontamination
Methamphetamine labs are not only dangerous and illegal, but they leave an environmental hazard mess. This mess must be cleaned up thoroughly and properly. Meth remains are very dangerous to the health and well being of occupants or future occupants of a property requiring an extensive cleanup process.

You have been informed that the property you own was used for the production of Meth or any other clandestine lab. What should you do?

1. Call Anew Kind of Clean. We will contact the authorities to make sure the home can be entered for testing. Anew will contact the county in which the property is located to get information about the property and it's surroundings.

2. Due to the law, property owners and renters are not allowed into the structure until after the property has been decontaminated.

3. Meth residue can stay for years on the walls and items in a home. Meth also will leach through paint if just painted over. That is why it is essential that properly certified technicians like at Anew, decontaminate your property.

In recent studies, it is estimated that 33% of humans who come in contact with Methamphetamine can be come addicted. This is where Anew Kind of Clean can help with your Clandestine/Meth Lab Decontamination. Anew cares for those who will occupy the home or business in which labs have been in. That is why our certified team offers the latest in techniques, equipment and products to decontaminate your home, rental properties or business.

"Many cleaning methods do not remove methamphetamine and the chemicals used to produce it. Incompletely or improperly cleaned surfaces, such as floors, countertops and drywall can remain contaminated for months or even years, even after many cleanups. Some methods are destructive or use more corrosive substances and the resulting chemical residues are themselves toxic." Homeland Security

Clandestine | Meth Labs - Hazardous Sites

Site requires evaluation, clean-up and decontamination by trained and certified professionals.
Deadly chemicals can enter the body by inhalation, ingestion or absorption through the skin.
Building materials and furniture may absorb contaiminants and can give off fumes.

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