As experienced fire restoration professionals we know the areas to examine, areas unaffected by fire damage are still a danger since smoke can penetrate within cavities of the structure causing hidden fire damage and odor.
Mold assessment identifies the location and extent of the mold hazard in a structure, and mold remediation is the process of removal of mold from the environment. These services should always be conducted by a certified IICRC specialist.
Restoring your home after a flood, broken pipe, heavy rains or any type water damage can feel overwhelming. When walls are covered in soot or your home or basement has standing water, you need a solution to quickly address the water damage.
Expert disinfection and cleaning services to ensure potentially harmful and hazardous situations are handled appropriately and effectively.
Anew Kind of Clean offers a wide array of services for both residential and commercial customers. We deal effectively with all types of spots, stains, and odors, quickly, efficiently and professionally.

When Disaster Strikes

All of us take comfort in having something that is always there, reliable, not just once but every time.

Whether you own a home or a business, Anew Kind of Clean brings that level and comfort and reliability to each and every customer. We provide superior Carpet Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning and Restoration, VCT Strip and Waxing and Wood Floor Refreshing and Cleaning. Anew provides the consistency in every job in two very important ways:

- By having at least one business owner at each job; not just insisting that the highest quality is given to each of our customers, but working with the crews and leading by example

- Continue to improve with the latest technology in our equipment and training

When you choose Anew Kind of Clean for your needs, you can expect a reliable company providing the highest quality every time.


Water and Flood Damage Restoration Services

The moment you contact us about your residential or commercial water damage, we will dispatch our water restoration team. Our technicians will bring your contents and structure as close to pre-flooding condition as is humanly possible. With our ultra-modern techniques, it is possible to restore water damaged carpets, contents and structural materials to pre-flood appearance.

Our professional restorers will leave the area freshly cleaned as well as dry. It is important to react within 48 hours of initial water damage if you hope to salvage as much of your property as possible. By calling Anew as soon as the disaster occurs, you can avoid extensive damage and the costly repairs typically associated with such damage.

At Anew, no job is too big or too messy. In fact, we handle the following on a regular basis:

Mold Cleanup / Flood Remediation / Water Restoration / Flood Cleanup / Water Damage / Water Extraction / Disaster Cleanup / Water Cleanup / Structural Drying / Sewage Cleanup / Anti-Microbial Treatments / Thermal Imaging / Fire Damage / And Much More...

If you are experiencing a home or water damage restoration emergency, you need an experienced and dependable service that's not only ready to act at a moments notice but will do this 24 hours a day. And that's exactly why you should contact Anew the moment you find yourself under water. We offer free estimates on all water damage emergencies and we will make it our mission to ensure that your home or office is restored correctly the very first time.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Services

A fire can be the most traumatic experience a homeowner ever faces. If a fire has occurred at your home or property, chances are that the damage has been great. Fire can cause minor smoke damage at the least, or can completely devour an entire structure. Though this can be a troubling and stressful time, Anew can take care of bringing your property back to a safe, inhabitable state.

Anew will first inspect your property to check for the soundness of basic structures and assess all damage. We will discuss our findings with you, so that you are fully informed as to the kinds of results that can be reasonably expected. We will then work to repair the basic structures of your property to ensure that your home or business is stable and that all structures are sound.

Mold and Mildew Restoration Services

Home and business owners can underestimate the severity of mold in their structures and the degree of difficulty involved in removing the mold damage. Simply cleaning with bleach will not kill it. Proper mold remediation requires a containment area and then removing the mold carefully and correctly to eliminate the spread of mold spores to other rooms. This may require removing moldy material and with reconstruction, returning the structure to like new condition. Mold remediation is best performed by trained professionals that understand the required processes and procedures needed for proper mold removal and containment

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